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Women in 3D Printing, Hobs3D and partners co-hosting London Fashion Week fringe event

On February 14th, models wearing all manner of avant-garde clothes will take to the runways in London to mark the beginning of London Fashion Week. Days before the week-long spectacle kicks off, a special fringe event will be held to highlight and honour work being done in the intersecting fields of technology and fashion—with an emphasis on 3D printing.

The event, called FUTURE FASHION TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY, is co-hosted by Women in 3D Printing, Hobs 3D, co-working space The Trampery and The Stratford Hotel London. Together, the partners are putting the spotlight on 3D printed fashion through a day-long event consisting of a pop-up exhibition and a panel talk.

Women in 3D Printing Hobs3D London Fashion
Kadine James, Creative Director of Hobs3D, Chair of Women in 3D Printing UK

A description of the event reads: “By creating a hub for fashion and digital enthusiasts and professionals, and encouraging interactive exchanges between guests, manufacturers and designers, FUTURE FASHION TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY will bring together the most curious and creative patrons of fashion design and development today by providing the opportunity to network with leading designers and creative technologists.”

Primarily, the event aims to highlight fashion designers working at the forefront of fashion and tech, leveraging technologies like 3D printing to push the boundaries in the fashion industry and encourage sustainability. Among the designers present will be Ganit Goldstein, Annie Foo, Mingjing Lin, Petit Pli, Lucy Wheeler and Mark Bloomfield.

Hobs3D, a UK-based company specializing in 3D printing, architectural models and 3D visualizations, will be showcasing technologies such as 3D printing and illustrating how they are being used in fashion design. Hobs3D creative director Kadine James—one of the UK’s Top 100 Female Tech Leaders and the Chair of Women in 3D Printing UK—will be present at the event for discussions and networking.

HOT:SECOND, a unique circular economy concept store trading physical garments for digital experiences will also be at the event, demonstrating its virtual reality digital tailoring solution.

The FUTURE FASHION TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY event will take place on February 11, 2020 at The Stratford Hotel London. During the day, guests can take in an exhibition on the Mezzanine floor of the hotel, while the evening portion will consist of a panel talk.


Tess Boissonneault

Tess Boissonneault moved from her home of Montreal, Canada to the Netherlands in 2014 to pursue a master’s degree in Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam. It was during her time in Amsterdam that she became acquainted with 3D printing technology and began writing for a local additive manufacturing news platform. Now based in France, Tess has over two and a half years experience writing, editing and publishing additive manufacturing content with a particular interest in women working within the industry. She is an avid follower of the ever-evolving AM industry.

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