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Will Additive Manufacturing Become the Leading Production Method for the Orthopedic Industry?

SmarTech Publishing has just issued a new research note that is available for download via the firm’s website. The leading AM market research company has published its first ever true industry opportunity deep dive market research report on the burgeoning additive orthopedic industry, revealing an area of well-defined opportunity for additive manufacturing that is being faced with sizeable change over the next several years.

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About the Report:

Additive Orthopedics: Markets for 3D-Printed Medical Implants – 2017

Use of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies for the production of approved orthopedic devices has been a driving force in the growth of metal AM technology to address true serial manufacturing applications. Today, the industry is rapidly expanding these efforts to include not only titanium implants in new orthopedic care segments, but also the use of polymer and bioactive materials and 3D printing technologies to revolutionize the future of orthopedic care using implantable devices.

This new study, the first ever to provide an in-depth and dedicated opportunity analysis specific to the use of AM/3DP technology to produce implants, seeks to provide an industry-standard segmentation of the additive orthopedic market while also quantifying specific revenue generation opportunities. With nearly 100 pages of analysis and market data, Additive Orthopedics: Markets for 3D Printed Medical Implants 2017 is meant to provide the orthopedic industry with a complete guide to current and future areas of adoption and growth. The associated market forecasts included in this report detail:

    • Specific revenue generation opportunities resulting from the use of AM/3DP for orthopedic applications, encompassing the sale of AM/3DP hardware, print materials, print software, and outsourced production and clinical engineering services
    • Hardware unit sales to support additive orthopedic production in unit sales, installations, and revenue, by print technology
  • Implant production volumes and forecast projections for major segments of orthopedic care including knee, hip, spine, cranial and facial, and extremities
In addition to forecast data, this report also provides a logical segmentation of the market by examining the value proposition for various additive technologies in the context of implants and various device types. A complete trailing twelve-month industry activity review in additive orthopedics, as well as an analysis of emerging implant research for new 3D printable applications in regenerative implants using materials such as calcium phosphate and polymer printing is also included.
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