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West Yorkshire Police Receive Large Scale 3D Printer from Hawk 3D Proto

Hawk 3D Proto, a UK-based independent 3D printing company, is excited to report that it recently delivered a Delta WASP 4070 industrial 3D Printer to West Yorkshire Police at their Regional Scientific Support Unit (SSU). Hawk 3D Proto installed the 3D printing system at the SSU’s HQ facility in Wakefield and subsequently provided members of the SSU team with a full training programme to support their existing investigative activities.

As one of the UK’s leading Police Forensic Units, Yorkshire and the Humber’s Imaging Unit is at the forefront of Imaging and 3D technology for use at crime scenes, and post crime scene analysis. An industrial 3D printer that can recreate accurate physical models from this data for analysis and communication purposes in court was a natural progression.

Daniel Sharp, Crime Scene Surveying Supervisor at West Yorkshire Police commented on the motivation for the 3D printer installation and the subsequent training delivered by Hawk 3D Proto:

“3D laser scan technology has been used by Y.A.T.H Imaging Unit since 2008, producing 3D animations and plans for court use. It was a natural progression therefore to be able to recreate the crime scenes in solid 3D. This would enable judge and jury to hold the crime scene in their hands.

A large scale 3D printer was required to meet these needs, and also to produce an innovative prototype and subsequent product for one of our close government partners.

We are already using the 3D printer for the project and looking forward to using it to support investigations and court use.”

The Delta WASP 4070 is one of the larger models from the Wasp portfolio of 3D printers offering a build volume of 400 mm x 400 mm x 700 mm (X, Y, Z). With precision engineering built in the 4070 is constructed from metal parts, with a fully enclosed heated build chamber and enhanced, reliable mechanics that allow for printing larger volume parts with technical materials. The results are faster, more accurate printed models fully suited to the applications at West Yorkshire Police Regional SSU.

Once the machine was installed, Hawk 3D Proto, provided bespoke training for the SSU team to ensure maximum utility of the 3D printer specifically in relation to their application focus. The training covered all aspects of the printer’s use such as how to load filament, using the slicing software, printer calibration and general maintenance together with hands-on support with the first 3D printed model.


CEO & Founder of Hawk 3D Proto, Ben Hawksworth further commented: “This project is very exciting for us. Working with the local emergency services to assist them in their roles to fight against crime is of great importance.

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