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Unbelievably Detailed 3D Printed Cobra MKIII Miniature Is a Game Changer

An impressive, largely 3D printed Cobra MKIII 1/4 curbside miniature model, measuring 99 cm in length was created by a Netherland’s based student, Sebastiaan Pot, with the goal to make every detail as realistic as possible. The amazing level of details shows not only how far 3D printing has come but also how much it has affected the miniature replica segment and all those who love superbly realistic collectables, especially those who build them.

I caught up with Sebastiaan Pot, the Netherlands based artist who created this beauty and – apparently – several other ones including some for famous and celebrity collectors like Jay Leno. Pot’s story is amazing and it was “shaped up” by Shapeways 3D printing almost as much as his models are.

” I’m very autistic and I learned by myself how to design 3D cars on the computer. I already have some 19 years of experience with it. Because of my autism I did not get to attend school in the past, however I have a special gift, in that I can visualize the entire car in mind and draw it later on the computer in 3D, straight from from my head.”

The 3D Printed Cobra MKIII model has real leather inside, with a real wooden and metal steering wheel and several other metal parts. Even the pointers from instruments are from metal. Pot and his team (now he has a team working with him) used several different techniques to build the miniature model with all the the 3D printing done through Shapeways.

“I  have been using 3D printing for my car models for the past 6 years. I do the design, then 3D print it and test it. My colleagues complete the paint job and assemble the parts together. I use to do it all by myself but it has become too much work for one person.”

Pot – who already has a large number of clients worldwide and is about to open a dedicated showroom in the Nethernlands, as well as a dedicated website – said that 3D printing completely changed his life. Before the technologies became widely available through B2C services like Shapeways, many people were drawing accurate car models in CAD but making them into real physical replicas was virtually impossible. 3D printing created an entirely new global market for high quality miniature replicas. Pot says this is his main activity and he dedicates as much as 50 hours a week to it.

In fact the Cobra is part of a long list and a new project is already under way which is just as fascinating. If the Cobra is one of the most representative cult American cars, then this one is certainly of the top European cars ever made, the Ferrari 250 Testarossa. The models has over 450 3D printed parts and the build is starting nex week. Until the website is ready you can follow Pot’s progress on his Facebook Profile. Here is a sneak peek…

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