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The EaScan II aims to help companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Its applications run from reverse engineering to 3D design, modeling and 3D inspection. The system is now available to order worldwide from today through SHINING 3D and their local resellers.

Equipped with 3 sets of scan ranges and lightweight design, EaScan II stands out when scanning heavy and large objects, giving operators the full freedom to move around. Adopting the photo capturing technology, the EaScan II scans stably in blue light to avoid any harm to human’s eyes and adapts to the various working environment.

The EaScan II brings the excellent scanning speed and high-accuracy data. It takes less than 5 seconds for a single scan and cost around 10 minutes to scan a 1-meter-long object while keeping all of the high qualities.

By non-contact measurement, the EaScan II is a powerful tool to complete full dimension measurement and inspection of complex surface structure quickly and easily.

Model EaScan-II
Single scan range 100×75mm²、200×150mm²、400×300mm²
Accuracy 0.01-0.03mm
Point distance 0.07-0.31mm
Scan time <5S
Volume accuracy 0.15mm/m
Scan depth 100-400mm
Camera resolution 1,3MP×2
Light Source Blue light(LED)
Scan type Non-contact structure light scanning
Alignment method Reference points auto-alignment/manual alignment
Data format ASC,STL,PLY,RGE,P3,PF
PC configuration requirement CPU:i5-6500/MEMORY: 8G
Graphic card:Discrete Graphics 2G (NVIDIA chipest)
Hard disk: 1TB/Monitor: 19″/CD-ROM: DVDRW
Operating system win10 64 bit or most current version
Operation temperature 0 – 45°C,
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