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Time-Lapse, AKLIH Studio Wins ColorFabb Contest

Dutch Filament manufacturer colorFabb has been developing quite a passion for time-lapse videos of projects using its filaments. AKLIH Studio is the latest contest winner.

At the end of last year, colorFabb it launched a new time-lapse challenge, titling “REuse”. The rules were pretty basic: switch on the printer, print something cool and make a time lapse of it. A time-lapse can help the magic of 3D printing really shine, letting viewers see the products come to life in real time.

Aklih time-lapse

For this contest it was possible to 3D print anything, using any type of 3D printer and material. The time-lapses just needed that capture the beauty of 3D printing, in an exceptional and clever way. AKLIH Desgin Studio won this year’s contest with a really cool two-piece spool holder.

AKLIH AKLIH  is a team of designers and engineers. They see design as one of the key stages in the development and marketing of a new product. The studio operates in the field of product design, visual communications, programming and 3D printing. They are not new to using 3D printing to create innovative products such as these…

time-lapse products

Time-lapse #1 place winner

The studio won a year long supply of colorFabb filaments. Every month colorFabb will send them four spools to keep on printing, for a total of 48 spools of filaments in one year time. That will also include the materials to be released in 2016!  Second prize is two value packs (32 spools) and third prize winners receive one value pack for a total of 16 spools.

All participants have been rewarded for the effort with a sample pack. All entries that are posted on Twitter and Facebook (hashtag #colorfabbtimelapse) have also been re-posted for the world to see. Do you like the winning project? You can download it here for free.

Here are the number second and third place winning projects.

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