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Thor3D Partners with PointShape Inspection Software Developer DreamT&S

Russia’s leading 3D scanner manufacturer Thor3D is partnering with DreamT&S, the South Korean developer of the powerful inspection software PointShape Inspector.  The two firms signed a collaboration agreement which indicates the companies’ commitment to each other and to working together to simplify and streamline the process of 3D scanning and inspection on industrial markets.

For many years, DreamT&S has been well known in the long-range 3D scanning market, as developer of the “PointShape Advanced” application which allowed for simple scanning and analysis of large data sets such as scans of factories or complicated highway projects. The software would automatically recognize complex pipe-features in industrial plants and exact ground topography of intricate system of road-ways, making life easier for engineers that used it.

Recently, the company decided to use its expertise to enter the inspection market and in February 2017 released “PointShape Inspector” to much critical acclaim. DreamT&S also recognized that a partnership with a leading 3D scanner manufacturer in industrial applications would be beneficial as well. Representatives of both companies met in Moscow in February 2017 to discuss potential collaboration.

PointShape Inspector and Thor3D’s Drake scanner makes a great bundle product. A customer would use the scanner to digitize an object, and then easily transfer the scan to PointShape Inspector to compare it to its original CAD design to evaluate the deviations. The procedure is relatively simple and is meant to be done quickly and without interruption to the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the two products, when purchased together, will now be discounted by 5%, to provide added benefit to the customer.

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THOR3D is a dynamic, innovative 3D imaging company best known for releasing the first-ever wireless 3D scanner in 2015. The company, based in Moscow, Russia and comprised of 50 engineers and mathematicians, quickly became a market leader in 3D scanning by introducing innovative products in quick succession. The latest such device is the Drake 3D scanner which allows users to digitize an object of any size (by having interchangeable lenses) almost anywhere in the world (by being completely wireless and autonomous).

Founded in 2005, DreamT&S is a well-known engineering and software development company based in Korea. The R&D team is comprised of experienced professionals who, before joining DreamT&S, developed several recognizable 3D scan data processing programs, Autodesk and worked with such industry giants as Bentley.

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