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Them Romans 3D Printed Sculptures by Janne Kyttanen Debut at Design Shanghai

Finland born, Netherlands raised Janne Kyttanen is one of the foremost visionaries of innovative 3D printing applications. His work continues to shake up the world of design at the Design Shanghai event, where he proposed several works in his latests collections: Them Romans and Rollercoaster Tables.

Janne Kyttanen

The exhibit was presented by Gallery ALL (Los Angeles & Beijing), a leading authority in the contemporary art market in China at Asia’s premiere international design event, taking place from March 9th- 12th, 2016.

With lines inspired from ancient roman craft, Them Romans is a ceramic sculpture in the form of a triptych. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but these Roman pillars were generated by code in just minutes. Them Romans is a continuation of Kyttanen’s exploration of generative design, an approach in which the designer is the spectator that freezes a moment in time.

The Rollercoaster Table, on the other hand, have a definite futuristic approach: an infinite spiral in flawless high polish rose gold and mirror finish stainless steel. Each design conveys Kyttanen’s unique design aesthetic, referencing forms found in nature and beyond. All works are available in limited editions of 8 pieces (plus two artist proofs per edition).

After being among the first to envision consumer use of 3D printing over 12 years ago (something which led him to the position of Chief Creative Officer within 3D Systems after the company acquired his Freedom of Creation studio) Kyttanen has recently been exploring the next frontier of 3D printing within design and especially within large scale furniture design, often combining it with other processes.

In his presentation, titled The Magical Crossroads, Kyttanen explored the new world demands of cross-border thinking, new hybrid skillsets and the magic that happens at the crossroad of different disciplines such as 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotech and virtual reality. With the implication that new technologies can have an impact on ancient ones, all the way to infinity.

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