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Tethon 3D Launches Vitrolite Glass Ceramic Resin

Ceramics 3D printing experts Tethon Corporation (“Tethon3D”) launched their new resin material for 3D printing.  The material, Vitrolite, is a photo-curing glass ceramic polymer resin for use in SLA or DLP printers. Following kiln firing, objects printed with Vitrolite are a semi-translucent white color with a smooth glassy surface.

Vitrolite has high silica content, giving it unique physical properties. 3D prints made with this material are very dense with corresponding low porosity. The 3D prints do not conduct heat or electricity and are chemically resistant. With applications in medicine, jewelry and prototyping, the market for high performance, high resolutions 3D printed ceramic parts is growing with a number of companies presenting specifically tailored, high-end systems. Tethon3D is bringing this possibility to a wider range of machines and adopters.

“Vitrolite has a relatively low recommended sintering temperature of 2000F,” says Karen Linder, President and CEO of Tethon 3D.  “The higher Vitrolite is fired, the less porous and more glass-like it becomes and this is still achieved at a fairly low temperature.  The availability of a range of low firing temperatures gives the Vitrolite user a lot of options for controlling the object’s functionality and appearance.”

An advantage of Vitrolite glass ceramic is its thermal shock tolerance and non-transference of heat.  As with glass, Vitrolite can be polished or milled and carved, expanding its value in a wide range of applications.”

Tethon 3D is the world leader in ceramic materials for additive manufacturing.  The company manufactures all its products in the United States and distributes globally.  Tethon 3D manufactures resins and powders for SLA, DLP  and powder/jet binder 3D printing.

Additionally, the company provides service in 3D modeling, scanning and ceramic 3D printing, as well as 3D printing educational workshops and a residency program. Tethon 3D holds several patents and other intellectual property related to ceramic 3D printing materials, 3D printing processes and 3D printer hardware.

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