Along with the huge SLM 800 systems, German 3D printer manufacturer SLM Solutions is presenting the SLM 125 as well as the new SLM 280 2.0 at formnext. The fourth generation of the SLM 280 2.0, which is one of the most powerful machines in its class with up to 2 x 700 W, has been improved in many respects. Among other things, these include new, permanent filter technology, melt pool monitoring (MPM) and laser power monitoring (LPM) (now also for multi-laser operations), improved machine control software and an optional powder feeder using vacuum technology.

“At formnext, SLM Solutions will again underline its reputation as a pioneer of additive manufacturing and introduce new developments with many solutions both with respect to detail as well as to a greater scope,” Stefan Ritt explained, Head of Global Marketing and Communications at SLM Solutions Group AG. “We are pleased with the increasing interest in formnext and want to contribute to supporting the next generation of intelligent industrial production with our additive technology.”

In addition, the company’s own software will be presented with an extended performance scope for additive manufacturing and MPM/LPM for multi-laser operation. The company based in Lübeck had the largest booth in its company history. The new booth concept, which is based on the SLM layer process, provided a wealth of new solutions for additive manufacturing on 322 sq. m.