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Shenzen Based Dazz 3D Gets Ready to Launch S130 DLP 3D Printer

There is soon to be another DLP 3D printer in the growing global landscape of direct digital and desktop based additive manufacturing. Shenzen based Dazzle is getting ready to launch the new S130 3D printer through its newly established Dazz 3D division.

Dazzle Laser Forming Technology CO., LTD, was founded in Shenzhen in 2012 after a long and strong experience in 3D prototyping. Dazz 3D is a comprehensive 3D printing solutions supplier, including Stereolithography (SLA) , Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Selective laser melting(SLM) etc.

The new division specializes in innovation and invests heavily in the R&D, manufacture of equipment, resins, and rapid prototyping processing services. Suzhou subsidiary company was founded in 2013, Beijing subsidiary was founded in 2014, and Xi’an branch office set up in 2015. The S130 was launch in 2015, which is the world’s first real-time display of the printing progress of the desktop SLA 3D printer.

Dazz 3D is continuously providing 3D printing solutions for industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial design, manufacturing, medical, architecture, art, education, etc. The team believes that close partnerships with so many industries will help in developing more innovative solutions.The company strives to provide innovative products, including 3D printers, print materials, on-demand parts services and bring the 3D printing industry to a new level of user friendlyness.

The Dazz 3D patented resin tank is coated with a special release film which increase the life span by 30x reducing overall maintenance fees of the resin tank. The system has a build volume of 13 x 130 x 180 mm and resolution varies from 100 to 25 micron.

Software is developed with easy navigation which provides power functions such as support generation algorithm and slicing. We dedicated to user needs and focused on enhancing user experience. A real time monitor tracks product print cycle accurately.

The S130 also has a very small spot diameter of 0.07mm. It can achieve incredibly fine detail over the entire build platform with no distortion. Fast moving UV laser beam with Close Loop Galvo Scanner cures liquid resin for ultra smooth 3D printed parts.

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