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Sculpteo Now Offering New PEBA Flexible Plastic Material for SLS

After HP Multi Jet Fusion’s PA12, French online 3D printing service Sculpteo is now introducing a new flexible plastic for 3D printing: PEBA 2301 (Polyether Block Amide). Made for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), this material has a rubber-like aspect which makes it rather flexible but solid and resistant to stress and fatigue. The surface of raw PEBA is white, granular and somewhat porous.

Sculpteo is currently offering PEBA material with a raw finish option. During the 3D printing post-process, the 3D printed object is sandblasted but not polished. The surface remains slightly granular and porous, but it will fit most of the applications that require high elasticity and strength.

Benefits and Applications of PEBA

Along with its low-cost, this 3D printing material has a good chemical resistance and excellent long term stability which makes it an ideal technical material. Durable and with a rubber-like behavior, PEBA can be used either for prototyping and production. This material allows you to create footwear products, sports equipment, medical supply tools or automotive parts. It can also be used for hand braces, insoles, grippers, handles and seals.

Once the 3D file is uploaded to Sculpteo’s site, the platform calculates the cost of the 3D printing order automatically. The cost can be based on the chosen options, such as the size of the object, the batch control option, the weight of the object, and the selected shipping option. PEBA parts can be shipped worldwide within 6-9 business days.

Sculpteo uses the EOS Formiga P100 to 3D print PEBA parts. This 3D printer allows to 3D print with a standard layer thickness between 100 – 150µm. The maximum size of the object should not exceed the physical size of our 3D printer bed which is 315 x 240 x 190 mm. If your 3D object is larger than that, it cannot be 3D printed.

Discover more about the design guidelines and technical specification of PEBA in this material page.

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