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Roboze Meets Demand for Metal Replacement 3D Printing by Offering Quality and Diversification

This year, the young Italian manufacturer of industrial grade filament extrusion 3D printers plans to support large corporations in adopting its advanced 3D printing technology to digitize short run manufacturing. With its innovative beltless mechanical movement system, offering new standards in accuracy and repeatability, and its unique range of advanced techno-polymers for metal replacement applications, the company is aiming to offer compamies operating in the heavy industry a solution to serve their vision of transforming manufacturing into a more flexible, efficient and profitable process.

Roboze is becoming known for its innovations in the field of mechanical precision and for its offer of high-performance materials such as PEEK and PEI. Its solutions a meeting with the growing favor of audiences around the world, which translates into significant business growth and consistent expansion of its distribution channel.

roboze_formnext-3This growth is the result of a large unsatisfied demand tank, which is now beginning to be seen as a real market necessity as a result of growing awareness, by companies and professionals around the world, respect to the advantages and capabilities that 3D printing technology has to offer. The forecasts for 2017 and 2018 are in fact positive and demand it will also be supported by new technological innovations. The new products will continue to play a very important role in the march to the market.

Roboze, the manufacturer of the only 3D printer implementing a Beltless System, launched its Roboze One+400 during the second half of 2016. The system was boosted through strategic partnership during the year, with collaborations in aerospace, automotive and motorcycle racing companies, research labs, and engineers.

A number of customers, from Formula One to Aviation, offered their testimony as to the advantages of Roboze’s 3D printers, obtaining significant results in terms of high-performance materials and accuracy. With an eye on continued global growth, the company certainly will not spare its resources in order to consolidate its market position.

2017 will be a very important year for us, the year in which we will reach out to leading global enterprises offering them unique solutions for the production of short series of end use parts, with a focus on metal replacement applications. Besides a continued expansion of our infrastructure, our team and our distribution channels, we will focus on the quality of our products and services, along with research and innovation and diversification. We wish to be closer to the real needs of our market, especially the ones of professional users who seeks accessible solutions for advanced applications within additive manufacturing.” says Alessio Lorusso, CEO, Roboze.

After an extensive coverage of the EMEA region, Roboze plans to complete the establishment of its American branch in order to gain direct access to the NA region. In the upcoming months and years it will be interesting to follow the strategic developments and the future products innovations of this young company, keeping up with the acceleration of its global growth and expansion as virtuous example for many other 3D printer manufacturers to follow  up on.

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