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Rinkak Online Cloud 3D Printing Service Upgraded and Renamed Kabuku MMS 2.0

Kabuku Inc, the leading digital manufacturing service provider in Japan, is launching Kabuku MMS version 2.0 today. Previously marketed under the brand name “Rinkak” (Kabuku’s online B2C 3D printing marketplace), MMS is now officially part of the Kabuku family of products, solutions and services.

On the new website, Kabuku presents their latest MMS release in more detail than ever before. This major release of Kabuku’s cloud software for 3D printing business management and automation features several changes and innovations planned to make it more accessible. First all it will be more flexible and economical thanks to a new pricing model. Users can receive unlimited price quotations and benefit from new customer-centric features, such as new help desk for improved customer support. The service is now going to be more easily integrated with other cloud management systems and offer a new and improved user interface.

Kabuku MMS is the cloud-based solution for managing 3D printing and additive manufacturing (AM) businesses. MMS caters to service bureaus and job shops, in-house and contract manufacturers, makerspaces and digital fabrication laboratories (fab labs). Kabuku MMS streamlines time-consuming business processes like quotation, support material calculation, order management, invoice generation and accounting. Additionally MMS makes it very easy for its users to approach their own customers online by providing instant quotation and ordering workflows embedded into their website, a 3D file inventory for their recurring customers and direct messaging. Via middleware, MMS integrates with numerous CRM, ERP, ticketing and other services.

The  new pricing is expected to be a complete game changer in the 3D printing industry. The company realized fixed plans are not the answer in a world with one-man companies and service enterprises running more than 10 different SLM machines. So from today onwards our users only pay for the features that they really need for their business. Even better: with the new pricing model, a comparable monthly subscription to Kabuku MMS is more than 30% more affordable.

“All of our competitors are charging for automated quotes or taking a share from processed revenue in some way or another. We do not. When our customers sign up for Kabuku MMS, they can be assured that their monthly fees for our software stay where they should be: low and controllable.”

Core features (file uploader, automated quotations, order and customer management) are all free – and will stay free forever. No more 14- or 30-day trials. Once signed up to Kabuku MMS, users can enjoy the functionality of software for free as long as they want. That still holds true even when their business is growing.

In version 2.0 the internal file uploader of Kabuku MMS has been significantly upgraded: apart from allowing uploads of 2D files now (e.g. for mold-making blueprints), clients may now upload up to 10 different files at once – and duplicate them later in the workflow to account for orders in various materials or containing several different post-processes. Kabuku MMS 2.0 now offers integration of order flow in the customers’ websites. The new Premium feature “Homepage Integration” enables users to embed the end customer-facing part of our service (i.e. the file uploader, 3D viewer, technology and material selection, automated quotation engine and order placement) into any part of their own website. That way, offering their 3D printing services to an online audience has become even more direct, own-branded and effective.

Kabuku showcased Kabuku MMS at CeBIT, the “Global Event for Digital Business” and the world’s largest IT trade show, in Hannover, Germany, from March 20 to 24, 2017.

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