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RegenHU Will Present Its BioPrinting Software Suite at TERMIS EU

RegenHU, with 10 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of 3D Bioprinters, has developed a unique, cutting-edge Bioprinting Software Suite. An exclusive Software built specifically to correspond to both the advanced requirements of R&D as well as the demanding specifications of clinical testing.

The Swiss company is now inviting bioprinting adopters to discover the full potential and possibilities of its Bioprinting Software Suite at the Termis EU congress in Davos, on June 26-30. RegenHU engineers will be holding 3 symposiums prioviding a unique opportunity to experience live demonstrations and realize just how its Software Suite can impact research activities. Participation is free by subscribing here.

“Bioprinting is in a dynamic and exciting stage of evolution where, recently, considerable progress has been accomplished globally in the field of tissue engineering and bioprinting. These developments have in turn led to ground-breaking advancements in Bioprinting leading from fundamental research to Applied research and Clinical testing. Key components in the successful transition of this evolution are the software tools specifically designed to enable interaction between the hardware, the biology and the users.” Marc Thurner, CEO of regenHU Ltd.

The Bioprinting Software Suite by regenHU includes BioCAD, BioCAM and BioCUT programs. BioCAD is an intuitive drawing suite that allows scientists and biomedical designers to design tissues, patterns, and scaffolds within minutes. There is no need for pre-existing 3D models or medical images, since BioCAD™ has all the necessary tools that allow you to design multimaterial models from scratch.

BioCAMBioCAM is a 3D model slicer and toolpath generator dedicated to regenHU’s 3D bio and tissue printers. It enables the creation of multimaterial tissues based on 3D digital models acquired from CAD systems, 3D scanners or medical imaging.

BioCUTBioCUT is a DICOM data visualizer and analyzing tool which is integrated in regenHU’s 3D bio and tissue printing digital workflow. It is a powerful software tool that allows scientists, biomedical designers and healthcare providers to create complex tissue structures while leading the user through the digital workflow: from medical imaging to multi-tissue modeling and multi material 3D bioprinting interface.

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