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Prodways reports first multiple sales for the new ProMaker LD-10 dental printer

Prodways Group reported received the first simultaneous order for two ProMaker LD-10s from a front-running North-American dental laboratory. The sale is symbolic is several respects. It illustrates the successful launch of the new ProMaker LD-10 developed by Prodways Technologies in 2017 to expand the MOVINGLight range to new segment of dental laboratories requiring industrial machines priced below €100,000. Furthermore, it validates the recognition that 3D printing production machines from Prodways are receiving.

This is effectively the first time ever that a new client has placed an initial order directly for two machines. The order could be followed by other purchases, depending on how quickly the production gets up to speed. These two ProMaker LD-10s will be installed during the 2nd quarter of 2018, and at set production speed will consume several hundred kilos of 3D printing resins per year.

The development of the new generation of ProMaker LD-10 dental 3D printers is based on the success of Prodways’ exclusive MOVINGLight technology. It has seriously impressed major players in the dental industry (manufacturers of teeth aligners, top laboratories and dental production centers) with a unique combination of high precision and productivity on major manufacturing platforms.

The success of the ProMaker LD-10 dental 3D printer is further confirmed by its nomination as Professional 3D printer of the year in the Polymers category by the reference media 3D Printing Industry and will be exhibited on Prodways booth at the AMUG conferences to be held April 8-12 in St Louis, USA. The sale also once again confirms the quality and accuracy of products printed by Prodways machines, particularly for high-scale production applications such as dental models or orthodontic protectors

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