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Politronica and Flying Tiger Launch Q3d Desktop Lamp AND 3D Printer | Video

The q3d table lamp and 3D printer, created from the partnership between Flying Tiger Copenaghen and Politronica, is the first of its kind. The q3d’s arm moves with precision using wires and cords which interact via the plate’s rotation. In this way, for the first time in the history of robotics, delta and polar geometry are combined into one object.

Furthermore, the true innovation of q3d is in the printing technique: just like any FDM 3D printer, it extrudes material, but in this case it is not a molten plastic, but a polymer that, unlike the photo-hardening polymer so far used in 3D printing, it hardens with the white light emitted by a common LED light bulb. The process is similar to that implemented in Massivit‘s large-format 3D printers, which, however, use UV light.

Here the q3d “trick” reveals its double function, not only a printer but also a table lamp. The q3d electronics has its heart in the very Italian Arduino and presents a carefully optimized firmware based on open source library system.


Q3d’s style was inspired by the work of the American artist Alexander Calder, in particular from his work of an alphabet composed of shapes that were used to decipher, understand its plastic components (XYZ). The design was inspired by the iconic LUXO L-1 lamp created in 1937 by the Norwegian designer Jac Jacobsen, destined to become one of the most reproduced objects in the history of design, eventually becoming the logo of the Pixar Animation Studios.

Its print area allows the creation of objects with dimensions of 80x80x120 mm, created exclusively with Flying Tiger Copenhagen using virtual reality modeling techniques. The object’s files will be released periodically in packs of polymer refills that will be available at Tiger stores and also in a downloadable version in a dedicated section on our website.

… and 3D printer

For a hands-on learning experience, the q3d kit comes in a kit. This is in line with RepRap philosophy, and it can be assembled with the ease of a Meccano kit, making it accessible to all users.

Q3d is JIT manufactured in a Northern Italy factory 4.0 that adheres to sustainable environmental local regulation regarding production efficiency: each digital printing center of Qubit3D network has contributed to the production of its plastic components which are made of PLA (polylactic acid), an environmentally friendly and eco-compatible material made from local cornstarch. Q3d represents the first step in the process of experimentation and customer support moving towards the idea of a transformation into a producer-consumer (prosumer).


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