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Ourobotics CEO Jemma Redmond Dies Unexpectedly

Ourobotics CEO Jemma Redmond, one of the most outspoken and forward thinking professionals in the young low cost 3D bioprinting industry, has reportedly died unexpectedly yesterday, August 16th. As founder of bioprinting startup Ourobotics, Jemma has been working on a low cost bioprinter capable of working with up to 10 different materials. Through her blogs and social marketing skills she was working non-stop at ways to reproduce life in a lab, her legacy will very likely continue on even after her untimely death. ouroboticsWith an MSC in Nanobioscience and a background in applied physics, Jemma has started building her own bioprinters on a kitchen table and attempted to grow fingers. She demonstrated 3D bioprinting in liquid with flow recently built the 10 material bioprinter with the Ourobotics team. She had recently pitched and won at SVOD Europe in Google HQ, Dublin. The causes of death have not been made public yet. All the information we have at this time comes from a post on Ourobotics social media accounts. We also know that Jemma passed away quickly and without suffering. “We are sorry to say, today we lost our dear CEO Jemma Redmond unexpectedly. She was an inspiration to all her colleagues and a great friend.” We can independently confirm this only from Jemma’s death notice. I had exchanged messages just a few days ago with Jemma and it is very hard for me to believe she has died. The 3D printing industry is generally very young and death just seems to have no place in it. However it does: life is a very delicate balance and that is exactly what Jemma was working to preserve and augment. She was just at the very beginning of her projects and career in the but she had already had a profound influence with many people involved with the future of biofabrication. Her show must, and will, go on. Rest in Peace, Jemma.

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  1. So sad that one so brilliant and so creative should be taken so soon.