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OTHR Stryk Again with 3D Printed Match Striker by Josh Owen

Unencumbered by traditional fabrication or mold-making, the undercuts and textures of the 3D printed Stryk match striker are seamlessly constructed. Without manufacturing imprints complicating the visual identity of the object, the idea is delivered in a near-pure utility.


Historically, match disposal is left to the user— here, the full life cycle of the match is integrated into the product. The Stryk match striker is sturdy enough for the hearth and elegant enough for the dinner table. In matte black 3D Printed Steel. Numbered Edition.


When encountering a piece designed by Josh Owen, its use is delightfully apparent. This is not to say that his work lacks subtlety—the obvious functionality of objects or spaces drummed up by the multi-disciplinary designer belie the thoughtfulness and intent that he imbues into each piece. His approach to design is seemingly effortless—owed to Josh’s intuition for natural interactions and decades of experience in design.

Aside from applying that experience and knowledge to creating minimal and refined objects and spaces, Josh is also a teacher disseminating his humanistic approach to design as the professor and Chair of the Industrial Design Department at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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