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OTHR Presents Porcelain 3D Printed Cerco Espresso Cup

The Cerco Espresso Cup is an eye-catching espresso cup adorned with a delicate, looping handle. Like all OTHR proudcts it is 3D printed without sacrificing style and material quality. It is crafted in 3D printed porcelain and, of course, it is a numbered edition.

With a discerning and minimalist eye, Cerco pays homage to traditional jewelry and decorum. Its porcelain handle hugs the cup like a piercing; a nod to the culture of adornment and body art. Cerco’s circular handle is as much a design element as it is a thoughtfully placed handgrip for the perfect sip.

The cup was created by Valencia, Spain based Kutarq studio. Founded by architect and designer Jordi López Aguiló in 2012, the studio’s work has spanned from furniture to lighting to interior design to architecture. Each project involves a methodical process that emphasizes both material and research. Jordi’s work has been exhibited internationally, including at Paris Design Week, Milan Design Week and the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

“I was initially very reluctant about using 3D printing. saysLópez Aguiló, “I didn’t want to use technology and preferred doing it by hand and making the mock-ups the “old-school” way with classic tools like cutters and glue. But my colleagues convinced me and we’ve had a printer in our studio for two years now. The truth is that it’s good to combine it with work done by hand. For certain things, it saves you a lot of time and the result is better than doing it by hand. I think the best option is always a combination: modern technology with a craftsman’s know-how and the old tricks of carpentry.”

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