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Onshape Integrates Frustum’s Generate for Advanced Topology Optimization in the Cloud

What cloud based Onshape is doing for CAD tooling to enable innovation (rather than hamper it), Generate is doing for optimizing designs. For example, after creating the inspirational CAD design, that file can be imported into Generate for further evolutions, with powerful topology optimization in the cloud. Together with Onshape, Generate enables creation of remarkably complex parts quickly with the ability to constrain the optimization to different manufacturing techniques.

With user inputs such as design constraints, boundary conditions material, and weight, it produces functional results in a fraction of the time it would take to create them manually. The software allows industrial designers and engineers to discover and deliver novel, manufacture-ready parts and products with optimally balanced structural strength and weight. Designers can calculate, optimize, adapt and validate design options in parallel by running multiple optimization scenarios, seamlessly adding force application points and load cases.

Onshape users are able to easily optimize their parts, components and products to be lightweight and high-performance – all in the cloud. Designers can model their design space in Onshape and send it over to Generate for topology optimization. With the power of Generate’s unique geometry kernel, geometry output can be considered manufacture ready. Users can download the STL file and add it to their Onshape assembly.

In addition to optimizing for additive manufacturing processes, Generate also supports constraints targeting subtractive manufacturing processes. Constraints such as Symmetry, Extrusion or Overhang Protection, for example. Using these constraints in Generate will result in a solution that can then be used for a manufacturing process such as 3-Axis Milling.While Generate isn’t in the Onshape App Store yet, it can be used alongside Onshape in a full cloud-based design process. For the next month, you can use the premium version of Generate for free, by signing up here. The offer ends on July 31, 2017!

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