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Online Course from GetReady4 3D and SABE

Always keeping abreast of the most recent technological innovations and changes in the market, SABE Online and GetReady4 3D have just launched the online course “3D Printing”. This course shows the full potential behind 3D printing technology and shares the best tips to explore this universe of new business opportunities.

3D printing is a subject that has been growing exponentially in the last few years, while fostering deep changes in global economies. It can be applied to virtually any field, and reflecting upon this is a testament to its relevance and economic potential.

Nowadays, we print everything. Or nearly everything! From small everyday objects, furniture and clothes, to medication, prosthetics and even living tissue. 3D printing technology has been contributing positively to different fields, such as the environment or public health, and improving quality of life for people. In business, 3D printing has brought breakthroughs to architecture and engineering, allowing for a fast execution of low cost prototypes.

GetReady43D_vF2The first 3D prints were made over thirty years ago, but it was only after 2013 that this technology became available for home use. Since then, the 3D revolution has been growing fast and exponentially. This growth has brought continuous advancements to printing techniques, quality of prints and materials, and has also paved the way for the creation of associated businesses, such as printing shops, galleries, online markets or accessories trade.

“There’s a world of opportunities to explore in the 3D printing universe once people acquire the necessary knowledge and start using this technology” says Diogo Quental, co-founder and CEO at GetReady4 3D, a company that promotes 3D printing literacy. “This course was prepared in collaboration with Nadia Yaakoubi, GetReady4 3D co-founder. It is strongly business focused and its main goal is to teach how to create profitable models for an upcoming technological sector. Furthermore, it shows the process and the technology used for printing in 3D. Ultimately, the course teaches how to enter the 3D ecosystem and be part of the revolution.”

“3D Printing” is a high-powered and highly practical course, pioneer amongst other countries, that covers the essentials about the technology and the business of 3D printing. Because it is 100% online, it can be taken anywhere and at any given time. It is the first SABE Online course that is completely in English, and it represents the first step in an internationalisation process that is being carefully planned.

It can be watched multiple times, in chapters or in full, respecting each student’s individual pace. There is also additional assistance, which will help bring solidity to the learning process.

According to Ana Macedo, Editorial Manager for SABE Online, “We live in a digital era in which technology shapes the way we work and influences what skills employers and the market value the most. 3D printing is only starting now, but its importance and potential for economic growth are paramount. For this reason, SABE Online has made a strong bet in this field, and by creating this course will allow a professional in any area to understand 3D printing and make their most creative ideas come true”.

This course is for anyone with an interest in the subject of 3D printing. It is particularly interesting for those who want to develop their activity in this field, or who understand and wish to use this technology in order to improve their performance. It is available at and it is part of the SABE Online catalogue, which can be browsed at

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