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Northype Launches Flatforce, a New Type of 3D Priting Buildplate

One of the biggest problems in the world of FDM is determined from stick the technical materials on the buildplate.

Northype, with its new Flatforce buildplate, seeks to eliminate warping issues using technical materials. For example for printing ABS there are many sprays, glues, tapes but it should be printed with a minimum of 115°C. With flatforce it becomes easy: glue or any other DIY systems are not required. You can print ABS at 65°C for small parts and under 90°C for large prints.

flatforce-buildplate-navy-copiaEven 3D printing Nylon becomes easy. Within a range of 70-90°C very technical and high strength prints can printed without warping. Flatforce is not a tape or adhesive sheets, it replaces the glass buildplate. The thickness of the buildplate is around 2,55 mm and it can be used every day for months.

Unlike other build plates on the market that have a glossy finish, Flatforce’s patent pending grip surface is rough for the best stick potential.

Working in close collaboration with leading technical filament manufacturer Treed Filaments, Northype tested several different inlcuding Nylon, Nylon Carbon, ABS, HIPS, PETG, HIPS and any others, including the first 100% Polypropylene filament, with its dedicated printing plane, called the Lene Buildplate

Flatforce is available in various sizes and shipping starts on December 15th.


Northype is an 3D printers & accessories manufacturer based in Italy. The main objective of the northype team is to provide the best 3D printers and accessories on the market. From extensive experience acquired from the use of many 3D printers on the market today, the northype team developed new technologies and optimized production processes  to produce the best prints possible.

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