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Next Dynamics Launches Kickstarter for NexD1 Multimaterial Electronics 3D Printer

Launching now on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, the NexD1 by Next Dynamics is looking to become the next 3D printer to offer high-end electronics prototyping capabilities to everyone by making multi-material, 3D electronics printing, extreme precision, high reliability and fast printing times available in one exciting machine.
nexd1-4The company started from polyjet, currently the most advanced, industrial 3D printing technology and reconfigured it, optimized it and shrunk the cost radically. The newly developed process, which is referred to as DigiJet technology, is able of print a wide range of materials, including special resins with nano-particles or pigments.

It the project makes it to market it will have a compact size of 42x42x42 cm and a build-volume of 20x20x20 cm. The NexD1 will come with plenty of room, while printing with a precision of 10 microns. Easy touch control and Wifi connectivity give you the ability to control every aspect of your print and check up on the process anytime and anywhere.

The company claims it will enable printing of PCB’s with as many layers as you want. The two component chemical process allows for the same internal resistance as any regular PCB board circuitry. With multiple base materials and custom solder masking the potential is endless. You would be able to configure circuitry in any 3 dimensional way, getting rid of the need for silk screening.


The NexD1 has a smart cartridge system, that allows for a fast and clean swapping of materials, even while printing. No cleaning needed. Materials can be mixed and swapped on the go, to enable millions of combinations of material characteristics like conductivity, magnetic properties, color, flexibility, transparency. The newly developed support material is completely non-toxic, low cost and highly water soluble. As an eco-friendly material, you can just rinse it off under any tap.


The ability to print custom 3D circuitry is truly a revolution and completely unprecedented. There will be no unused space in your devices and endless possibilities in shape and layout. The limitations of classic PCB design have finally been lifted. Several companies are working toward this goal, with Nano Dimension currently leading the pack. The NexD1 project seeks to introduce an even greater degree of possibilities if – as is always the case to keep in mind when a project lands on Kickstarter – it actually makes it to market as a finished product in 2017 and is not just a fantastic promise.

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