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How Nexeo 3D Filaments Provide Real Industrial Solutions

NEXEO is one of the largest polymer and chemical distributor around the globe. The company has more than 2500 employees and is among the top 3 in the USA. Based near Barcelona, its 3D Division, Nexeo 3D and its Nexeo 3D filaments are shaped to meet the highest standards for materials. Key applications are in the automotive and electronics sectors, as well as other high demanding industrial requirements.

“Our added value is based on how we differentiate from others,” says Alberto Santana, 3D-printing Business Development Specialist EMEA at Nexeo3D. “We don’t just sell materials as other companies do. We specifically develop applications that demonstrate the functionality of our customers’ projects, not only from a visual but also from a functional point of view.”

After months of development and testing, Nexeo 3D built strategic alliances with some of the strongest gl0bal materials suppliers. As a result, the company is working to deliver the highest quality and performance standard for its customers’ portfolio. Nexeo3D’s customers can benefit from the ease in the implementation process as they are already familiarized with the material suppliers and services.

Nexeo 3D Filaments

The ADE team (Application Development Engineer role), focuses on customers requiring high-end applications. Nexeo 3D supports them by helping to increase manufacturing speeds and capacity on each project. As a result, they can start as early adopters, turning themselves into highly proficient 3D technicians, by leveraging Nexeo3D’s consultancy activities.

“By using our portfolio we enable them to not only do functional prototyping but also short series manufacturing, as well as spare-parts and final products”, says Santana.

Advanced Nexeo 3D Filaments 3D Print Solutions

Nexeo 3D’s filaments come from some of the largest producers of polymers for 3D printing, including DSM, NatureWorks, Eastman Plastics and Sabic. These include Nylon PA6 and PA666, TPC and PET from DSM, PLA from NatureWorks, PETG from Eastman and ABS/PC/PEI (ULTEM) from SABIC (download the full brochure here).

Nexeo 3D Filaments

These materials are tailored for specific industrial applications. Nexeo 3D worked with Toyota Motorsports (TMG) to validate a 3D printed exterior vent as a functional part. The study evaluated the part for temperature and impact resistance, along with smooth surface appearance. DSM’s Novamid 130 nylon PA6 proved to be the ideal material, for its combination of strength, ductility and layer adhesion (download full case study here). In another case study (download the full case study here), Nexeo3D worked with Callaghan on a 3D printed shoe prototype ready for functional validation testing. As a result, Callaghan was able to cut lead times by 85%.



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