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Natural Robotics VIT SLS 3D Printer Launches Today on KS After Short Delay

Natural Robotics, launched its €6,000 benchtop VIT SLS 3D printer on Kickstarter (€11,000 commercial price) after a short two-day delay.

The launch was initially scheduled for October 24th but was postponed due to “fine-tuning of details”. While it is “natural” that challenges arise when launching a new, possibly revolutionary, 3D printer, this may not have been such a not a good indication as to the overall reliability of both system and the company behind it in a sector that is shaping up to be red hot for competition in 2018.

Not long ago we did a piece on the ensuing battle for dominance of the benchtop SLS market. It appears Sinterit, Sintratec, Sharebot and Formlabs will have another contender to face off with. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Barcelona, the VIT SLS 3D Printer is a Natural Robotics project born in 2014 from Hector Esteller’s passion for electronics, computing and mechanical engineering and his deep experience in the industrial sector. The system was supposed to launch on Kickstarter on October 24th at the very special price of €6,000.

Made of multidisciplinary professionals, partners, and startup enthusiasts, the Natural Robotics team encompasses experiences from the fields of electronics, telecommunications engineering, IoT (Internet of Things), computing, product design and professional makers. Their machine was designed to work with an open material system, for different powder polymers at a reasonable price. It can be used to make prototypes & limited production quantities with high quality and great definition.


Selective Laser Sintering Reimagined

The developers listened to the demands of SLS adopters and scouted the industry to identify some of the most pressing needs. With a cost the fraction of the current market value, a speed of 20mm/h (0.8 inches/h) in the Z-axis and a resolution of 0.05 mm (0.002 inches/h), the VIT SLS 3D Printer was built to perform without compromising the ability to make complex powder-based forms, making it an ideal system for rapid prototyping.

The quality of the parts is comparable to some of the most expensive SLS machines currently on the market. This capability is going to revolutionize business. Furthermore, it has a powerful 40 W CO2 laser and is able to process nylon 12, which is the material that the system has been optimized for and will be supplied by VIT. Users can, however, use any material they choose, with full access to system specs in order to calibrate it.


Mechanical, Electronics and Software Engineering

Since 2014, the project, after 6 prototypes built by mechanical, electronics and software engineers, has been improved through their innovative vision focused on delivering low-cost Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology to diverse sectors of the industry. Since its founding, the company’s philosophy has been to deliver pioneering,  highest quality products at a competitive price. The VIT SLS 3D Printer is ideal for large and small companies, universities and professionals in sectors such as design and industrial engineering, naval, automotive, architecture, jewellery, robotics, medicine (prosthetics), and more.

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