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Nano Dimension Files Patent Application for 3D Printing of Bioficial Nephron Structures

The new patent application field by electronics 3D printing pioneer Nano Dimension primarily refers to 3D bio-printing of nephron like functioning structures that are designated to filter whole blood flow; it presents a novel concept for 3D bioprinting of complex functioning structures that mimic the blood filtration process in the kidney’s nephron.

The company believes that the covered technology could lead to functioning multi-nephron kidney-like structures for organ transplant, with clear industrial and medical applicability, and significant commercial potential. Also, the covered technology has potential as an effective model for drug development research and toxicology.

The patent application was filed with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the development of three-dimensional (3D) inkjet printing of bio-artificial multi-layered complex structures composed of cells, extracellular matrices, supportive components and stable and fugitive inks.

Nano Dimension, founded in 2012, focuses on development of advanced 3D printed electronics systems and advanced additive manufacturing. Nano Dimension’s unique products combine three advanced technologies: 3D inkjet, 3D software, and nanomaterials. The company’s primary products include the first 3D printer dedicated to printing multi-layer PCBs (printed circuit boards), and advanced nanotechnology-based conductive and dielectric inks.

In addition to the trading of the company’s American Depositary Shares on NASDAQ, the company’s ordinary shares are also traded on the TASE in Israel. The Bank of New York Mellon serves as the depositary for Nano Dimension.

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