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Nanjing Bridge Completed with 3D Printed Railings Cuts Time and Costs

As reported by just about every Chinese 3D printing media, a bridge in the Chinese city of Nanjing was just completed with 3D printed railings, drastically reducing time and costs required for construction. According to an article on 3D Printing World, the railings were built by Nanjing Jiayi Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The company’s Chairman, Li Jin, told reporters that total cost was around 150,000 RMB (around $25,000) and that it only took 10 days to complete the job, from processing to installation. Using traditional technologies it would have taken over a month and costed several million RMB.

According to 3D Printing World, the 3D printed railings are also 2-3 times stronger than traditionally poured cement, reaching 60 MPa in stress resistance.

Nanjing Xinghua Architectural Design and Research Institute Dean Liu Zijie told reporters that 3D construction is currently in an embryonic stage of development in China, however, in addition to the benefits of cost savings, this technology is also in line with national green and unmanned construction objectives, as well as fully in line with the direction undertaken for future development. The same construction 3D printing technology will also be used in the construction of the South Metro (subway).


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