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MX3D 3D Prints 3 by 2 Meter “Butterfly Screen” Sculpture in Bronze

The Butterfly Screen – designed by Joris Laarman Lab – is one of the latest experimental sculptural work produced by MX3D. It is the first in a collection of sculptural screens varying in sizes, geometries and materials. Even multi-material gradients from bronze to steel are in the planning.

The computational generated esthetics of the screens are not just meant to be pleasing for the eye but are also pushing the boundaries of our technology. 3D printing on this scale is unexplored territory so the Joris Laarman Lab team is learning while developing new sculptural work.

For every new form language a specific strategy is developed resulting in large a library of strategies that will become self learning in the near future. The butterfly screen is a 2 x 3 meter double curved bronze surface based on a hexagonal cell division.

The Butterfly Screen is going to be  presented at Miami / Basel on June 14th to the 19th.

MX3D, a company esearches and develops groundbreaking robotic 3D print technology. The company’s robots print sustainable materials such as metals and synthetics in virtually any size or shape. Its engineers, craftsmen and software experts bring together digital technology, robotics and traditional industrial production.

MX3D is a highly innovative company that developed a groundbreaking additive manufacturing method.  In 2014 the company invented an affordable multiple axis 3D printing tool. It was equipped on an industrial robot and software was created to control it.  The result is that MX3D can 3D print metals and also resin in mid-air, without the need for support structures.

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