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METROPOLE 3D Prints Life Size Corto Maltese for 50th Anniversary of Comic Book Series

Paris-based sign and display company, METROPOLE, 3D printed this life-size replica of the much-loved Corto Maltese – an Italian adventure comic book series named after the an enigmatic sea captain.

Marking 50 years since the series started entertaining European fans, the stunning model was produced to demonstrate 3D printing’s power to better engage target audiences.

The 1.32-metre tall captain was 3D printed on the company’s Massivit 1800 3D printer, from Israeli company Massivit, in under three days. Once printed, Corto Maltese was spray painted for a more lifelike appearance. Seated on a bench outside the Gare de Paris-Austerlitz, Corto Maltese is inviting commuters to join him for a selfie until the 31st October.

METROPOLE, one of the largest French out of home (OOH) and digital print providers, purchased two Massivit 1800 3D Printers last February in order to extend its applications offering, win new business and strengthen its competitive edge.

The latest addition to METROPOLE’s portfolio compliments an existing fleet of advertising, printing and finishing solutions by adding a multitude of new benefits and capabilities. The Paris-based company can now not only elevate traditional applications to a new level, but also provide existing and new customers with an extensive ‘one-stop-full-service-shop’, saving them both time and money. Using its Massivit 1800 3D Printers, METROPOLE will produce eye-catching advertising and retail campaigns.

“Investing in the most advanced technologies is central to our business offering; they provide our customers with the most efficient production method and ensure we maintain our competitive edge,” says Philippe Zanet, President of METROPOLE. “The large-scale possibilities enabled by the Massivit 1800, and the undeniable WOW-factor demonstrated by what others have produced on it, were huge draws and made the technology a natural choice.”

At present, the company completes around 500 projects a month for a wide variety of markets. Typical jobs include branding and signage for events, shopping centres, construction sites and exhibition centres to eye-catching advertising posters for the entertainment sector. As the first French company to acquire Massivit 3D printing, METROPOLE utilizes its Massivit 1800 3D Printers to produce stunning advertising and retail campaigns with the stopping-power to better engage target audiences.

As with so many industries today, deadlines are dramatically decreasing. With the Massivit 1800’s unparalleled print speed, METROPOLE anticipates that its dual 3D printing firepower will increase its capacity.

Zanet explains; “We hope that this will play a key role in accelerating our production turnaround time and enable us to consistently meet our customers’ stringent deadlines. Being the first French OOH print house to offer this service is an incredible competitive advantage. It has enabled us to provide something truly unique to customers, while adding a new dimension to our business.”

Although customer reaction to its new technology has been significant, according to Zanet, METROPOLE hopes its Massivit 1800 3D Printers will also entice new customers from new markets.

“Massivit 3D Printing adds a significant business differentiator,” continues Zanet. “With the ability to create attention-grabbing, larger-than-life displays, we expect the technology to transform the way high-level themed-projects are created, particularly in the hospitality and architectural sectors.”

Erez Zimerman, Vice President Sales, Massivit 3D, concludes: “The purchase of two Massivit 1800 3D Printers by METROPOLE demonstrates its belief in our innovative technology and its growing viability for a vast spectrum of markets. We expect to see an increase in print houses using our technology to unlock huge new creative opportunities, and drive profitable growth.”

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