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The 3dpbm interactive map of commercially available AM technologies

By material families and key AM hardware manufacturers

3dpbm map of additive manufacturing technologies
Click anywhere on the map to enlarge it, click on a Company’s hyperlink (the boxes with a white background) to access that company’s page on the 3D Printing Business Directory and all basic contact information.

Why a map of additive manufacturing technologies?

After a lot of post-processing and fine-tuning we are ready to present the first 3dpbm interactive map of commercially available 3D printing technologies. The different technologies are divided into five major material families (metals, polymers, ceramics, composites and bioinks) and listed with the most relevant AM hardware manufacturers for each technology.

By clicking on each company and relative technology (in the outermost boxes, the ones with a white background) you will access the 3D Printing Business Directory page for that company, will all their relevant contact information in case you need to reach out. If you represent a company listed in the Directory and would like to update your company page, you are always free to do so. Basic registration is free for everyone and lets you access your company page (pending our verification and approval of your request) to make sure all information is current.

We hope this map can serve a useful tool for both business development activities and as a reference to contextualize an AM technology among all others, hopefully clarifying a very complex technological landscape. It will also provide a base for our AM Focus on Patents later this year.

How did we select which companies to feature?

Clearly, not all AM hardware manufacturers can be present in the map (in all, we list over 800 AM hardware companies in our directory). So how did we choose the most relevant? These are the criteria we followed:

Premise: the AM systems must be available to purchase (even with limited availability).

  1. The historical relevance of a company (did they invent the technology? Have they been around for decades?)
  2. The disruptiveness of a company and its technology (did they invent a particularly innovative process?)
  3. The financial power of a company (are they well funded? Do they have a large Group behind them?)
  4. A company’s engagement with 3dpbm (have they reached out to us? Have they worked with us?)
  5. A company’s commercial success (do they sell a lot of 3D printers?)

Do you think your 3D printing company should be on this map? Do you see anything that you don’t agree with in the criteria we followed for classification? Feel free to reach out to us or comment below and let us know your thoughts!

In the meantime, we hope you will find this map useful. You are free to use it for presentations but please always credit 3dpbm (www.3dpbm.com) when you use the entire map or parts of it.



Davide Sher

Since 2002, I have built up extensive experience as a technology journalist, market analyst and consultant for the additive manufacturing industry. Born in Milan, Italy, I spent 12 years in the United States, where I received my Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree. As a journalist covering the tech industry - especially the videogame industry - for over 10 years, I began covering the AM industry specifically in 2013, as blogger. In 2016 I co-founded London-based 3D Printing Business Media Ltd. (now 3dpbm) which operates in marketing, editorial, and market analysis & consultancy services for the additive manufacturing industry. 3dpbm publishes 3D Printing Business Directory, the largest global directory of companies related to 3DP, and leading news and insights websites 3D Printing Media Network and Replicatore. I am also a Senior Analyst for leading US-based firm SmarTech Analysis focusing on the additive manufacturing industry and relative vertical markets.

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  1. Nice map, that gives a good overview on the different fields of additive manufacturing!

    However, it seems like you missed out on HAGE3D in the field of Fused Filament Fabrication, although you listed smaller companies in this section.


    1. Hi, thank you for the comment. As you can see in the article, one of the criteria for selecting which companies to feature is how much that company has engaged and interacted with us at 3dpbm. Have you already created or claimed the HAGE3D company page on our 3D Printing Business Directory (www.3dprintingbusiness.directory)? It’s absolutely free. Also please suggest to your marketing team to reach out to us with information on Hage3D and to learn about collaboration opportunities. Looking forward to it!

      1. Thanks for your reply! I guess HAGE3D will get back at you with some Information next week 😉


  2. I do not see Tethon3D listed in the ceramics section of the map. They are in the process of releasing their own 3D printer in addition to the offering of their resin selection and pilot work available.

    1. Hi Jimmy thank you for your comment. We were the first to cover the presentation of Tethon3D’s first machine and we’ve been tracking the company for a long time. As you correctly pointed out, they are in the process of releasing the machine and the premise for the companies listed in this map is that they have already sold systems which are installed in the market. We will certainly add them as soon as they let us know about their first systems installed.

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