Lithoz enters Brazilian market with sale of two CeraFab 7500 3D printers to biotech company

Plenum, a Brazil-based biomedical company, recently adopted two Lithoz CeraFab 7500 3D printers to support the production of next-gen bone implants. The purchase and installation marks an exciting step into Brazil’s AM industry for Lithoz, an Austrian specialist in high performance ceramic 3D printing.

Within the South American nation, Plenum is at the cutting edge of biotechnologies. Primarily specializing in health and dentistry, the company has also become known for its bone replacement implants for the jaw made from a resorbable bioceramic material developed in house.

By adopting Lithoz’s ceramic additive manufacturing platform—specifically the CeraFab 7500, Plenum plans to advance its implant production workflow substantially. For Lithoz, the purchase of two of its CeraFab 7500 3D printers, marks its first sale to a customer in Brazil.

“We strongly believe in the Brazilian market,” said Johannes Homa, CEO of Lithoz. “And we are delighted to have such an innovative company as a first customer in this important market. Plenum has shown that they are true pioneers and I am sure we will see many more revolutionary innovations from Plenum in the future.”

Brazil’s health sector is currently listed as one of the top ten in the world, thanks in part to its progressive and universal nature. For instance, the country has offered free healthcare to its residents since 1988. This makes it a particularly interesting case for additive manufacturing, which could transform aspects of the country’s healthcare workflows.

Dr. Alberto Blay, CEO of Plenum, commented on its recent investment in Lithoz’s 3D printing technology, saying: “Lithoz has helped us in our research by installing these two machines at our facilities, and has also been able to develop a fully processable slurry for us to use in our manufacturing process.”

As a leading ceramic 3D printing company, Lithoz offers a range of 3D printers and bioresorbable ceramic materials suitable for dental and medical applications. The company currently holds an ISO 9001-2015 certification and boasts a nearly 100% export share. When we visited the company’s offices in Vienna recently, they shared with us that they are readying to scale up significantly and the medical sector is one of its key target markets.

Victor Anusci

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