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Last Chance to Get the Rubicon 3D Scanner at an Unbeatable Price on EBay

The low-cost, desktop 3D scanning segment is extremely varied, with DIY systems starting at a few hundred dollars and high end systems running into the thousands. Until supplies last (only a couple remaining at the time of writing), you are able to take advantage of a unique offer on eBay to get the reliable Rubicon 3D Scanner system at the unbeatable price of €299, thanks to an end-of-stock promotion from Rubicon 3D. Rubicon_3d_scanner_smallUnlike most of its competitors, that use simple web-cam modules running in video mode, the Rubicon 3D Scanner uses an FPGA chip to control the Aptina MT9P006, 5 megapixel image sensor, which enables it to snap an image only when needed. In fact, while the main priority of a camera is to keep a steady frame-rate by sacrificing the image quality, the Rubicon 3D Scanner, through the use of a prolonged exposure, is capable of achieving a much higher quality image. The system designed by Rubitech is known to be at the same time capable of professional level perfromances and extremely easy to use: 3D scanning object becomes easy and fast and for everyone, making it a user favorite for fablabs, makers, workgroups, schools and universities all over Europe. The latest going out of stock promotion on eBay makes it the most affordable in its category currently on the market, representing a great opportunity to take a walk on the other side… of 3D printing.

Rubicon 3D Scanner Technical Specifications: MAXIMUM SIZE OF THE OBJECT TO BE SCANNED: Cylinder with 165mm diameter X 165mm Height MAXIMUM SCAN RESOLUTION: 0.1mm TEXTURE RESOLUTION: 5MP SAVED SCAN FILE FORMAT: RUB EXPORT FILE FORMAT: OBJ (mesh) and JPEG (textures) OBJ files can be converted into PLY, STL, OFF, OBJ, 3DS, COLLADA, VRML, DXF, GTS, U3D, IDTF, X3D, STEP, IGES, SVG, IFC, DAE and many others, by MeshLab andFreeCAD, two free and open-source softwares) LASER: 2 x 560nm laser modules with adjustable (extended) focus depth IMAGE SENSOR: Aptina MT9P006, 5MP, photo-mode* CAMERA LENS: 12mm (M12) Aspheric LIGHTINING: 4 LEDs 1W each STEPS/REVOLUTION: 800 (0.45 degrees) SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows (Mac OS and Linux, under development) SCANNING SPEED: 10 to 30 minutes depending by scan resolution and object to scan CONNECTIONS: USB 2.0 high speed (cable included). POWER SUPPLY: 12V – 1.5A (230/100Vac to 12Vdc-5A net adapter included)  

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