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Kwambio Develops Glass Based GS ONE 3D Printing Material for Binder Jetting

Kwambio has developed a new unique opaque glass-based 3D printing material, GS ONE. The company reports that turnover for objects 3D printed in this material is 5 days or even less because there’s no need for firing and glazing. Instead, objects have to be painted. Spray paint actually protects objects and makes them even more durable.

Currently, Kwambio is offering 12 colors to choose from and even more are coming in the near future. Objects printed with GS ONE have a unique rough texture. When you touch such an object, it’s somewhat sandy but it’s definitely a pleasant feeling.

This material is perfect for products with intricate shapes, the ones you can never do in ceramics. Kwambio doesn’t recommend it for objects that are considered to be for food consumption. Choose it for home decor objects: candle holders, desk organizers and pen holders, piggy banks, planters, refrigerator magnets, art objects and vases for dry flowers.

GS ONE’s shrinkage is zero, so this material is perfect for those objects where exact dimensions are critical. As the team doesn’t apply any glaze, 3D printed objects in this material are highly detailed and ideal for 3D printing a figurine of an animal or a mask.

Glass-based objects are not waterproof by default but a special waterproof layer can be applied on-demand. Hand-polished objects can be used for slip casting, to make molds. The material is also more durable than ceramics but it can be damaged by water. Objects should not be exposed near open fire or heat. Objects can be cleaned using a soft brush. They should be covered in layers with bubble wrap cushioning for transportation. As for pricing, Kwambio is charging $20 per part or $0.17 per 1 cm² of object’s surface area.


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