Girl with 3D Printed Hand Set to Break Record for Most Opening MLB Pitches (Video)

Seven-year old Hailey Dawson is set to become the record holder for the most opening MLB pitches and one of the best parts of this story is that it was in part made possible by 3D printing. Hailey was born with Poland syndrome and is missing three fingers on her right hand. At her young age, and growing rapidly, her mother could never have afforded to buy her a traditional prosthetic. Two years ago a group of students from UNLV stepped in and 3D printed a wrist prosthetic for her, which she used to throw the first pitch at a 2015 Baltimore Orioles game, People magazine reported. Next up are the Mets and the Red Sox, with Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida Mariners, San Diego Padres, Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants also showing interest in getting Hailey involved. However the games go, 3D printing and Hailey have already scored a home run in this story.


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