Charlotte Valve by Isinnova for non-invasive ventilator

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    Sebastien Proulx

    Also, I don’t know how many of the off-the-shelf snorkeling masks are in stock/exist in the world, but has anyone contacted the manufacturer of the mask to prevent shortage ?


    This needs to go on Thingiverse or somewhere where you don’t have to log in

    Sebastien Proulx

    This is awesome ! Here is an opportunity for anyone who might need some financial incentive to push designs like this further

    Gerson Costin

    Boa noite, me chamo Gerson Luiz Costin, sou fisioterapeuta respiratório e incentivador da impressora 3D . Estou muito interressado em adquirir o arquivo Valvula Charlotte para realizar com os futuros pacientes da epidemia de covid19. Ainda estamos no início do surto mas devemos estar preparados. Presto serviço e trabalho em um Hospital ( Hospital Santa Cruz – Curitiba- PR- Brasil) , mas a idéia é disponibilizar para os grupos de incentivados da impressaão 3d amadores para a produção e viabilização para toda a rede hospitalar da minha cidade, com ajuda de todos.



    Just went and bought a snorkelling mask – the clips on this model are different from the Italian design.
    So before you spend 3hrs printing a valve, get hold of a mask first and see if the clip is identical.

    This one is shorter and I will need to redesign the charlotte valve to fit.


    What 3D printer are you all using to make these? Which do you recommend to help assist during these times? I’m a beginner but I can step it up and put in more time to learn how to manage something more advanced. Thank you all!


    Many thanks for your work. I’ve forwarded your designs to several London based 3D print services as I would like to build the respirator. Unfortunatly they are so concerned about official certification and litigation that it’s unlikly I can source the valves from a commericial supplier.


    Keep up the good work.


    I don’t see where to download it?


    Decathlon would have a huge inventory of these masks. And they are just one retailer selling one brand.


    Hi All, printed the Charlotte valves two times and documented the print impressions here:

    Design is not optimal at the moment, would not recommend this in hospital use. But big progress can be made with a small redesign!

    Let me know if you have any questions


    Does anyone know the exterior of the mask (the sealing) where the charlotte valve is connected to? It looks like the fit life doesn’t have the exterior. Does it actually come with it or is it something that must be printed aswell?


    We in Israel starting to feel the increase in patients all over the country

    Great work by Isinnova, good idea, I hope many will feel better now and recover

    Could you tell me the material type they/you used to print it?

    is it PLA , ABS ?



    Cory Glass

    i get an error trying to open the charlotte valve file the dave valve opens just fine

    Mo Xu

    I am in US. I have no problem in opening the Dave Valve stp file

    I try to download the Charlotte Valve.stp file and try to use Creo to open it. But it gives me the following error messages and I could not open it.

    If it is possible, can you send the correct Charlotte Valve.stp file to my company email. You can zip it if the file size is too big.

    Here is my email:

    We try to 3D print this and try to modify the snorkel mask into a ventilator to save lives in US.

    Error message:

    Processing Charlotte Valve.stp. Step 60:  100 percent completed.
    Warning: Importing assembly in part mode. Geometry may be wrong.
    Could not construct feature geometry.


    Ajay Aggarwal

    Thank you for posting the designs.

    This is coming from Tanzania and Kenya

    We have printed the charlotte valve to fir the decathlon mask and wanted to make a complete Non-invasive ventilator using Oxy in-tank.

    We are very limited o resources here both financially and materially and therefore were looking to prepare these prototype in advance awaiting what we are surely going to experience similar to Europe.

    We are a group of entrepreneurs looking to make a positive difference and NOT Profit form this. We are willing to put in our own money as long as we have the right support

    Any medical advice and input in addition to the printing media from any members of the forum would be highly appreciated.

    Also please advise if the Venturi Valve is of paramount need



Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 39 total)
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