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MetalFil – Ancient Bronze and MetalFil – Classic Copper Filaments Now Available From Formfutura

MetalFil – Ancient Bronze and MetalFil – Classic Copper are the latest PLA-based filament with a content of approximately 80% metal, available from Dutch 3D printing filament distributor Formfutura. This incredible high filling with metal powders enables every FDM 3D printer user to 3D print metal objects which are almost indistinguishable from genuine bronze and copper. The MetalFil™ products are extremely suitable to be post processed.

Post processing MetalFil

Brushing and/or sand grinding. 

Once printed MetalFil™ objects can very easily be brushed with a brass brush or sanded with a fine grid sandpaper. By brushing and/or sand grinding your printed object you will brush/shine up the high concentration of bronze powders.

Build-in white polish feature. 

After being brushed and/or sanded MetalFil™ will reveal its white polish feature. A very thin white layer/haze on your object will now allow you to easily polish your 3D print into a beautiful bronze object. 

Professional polishing with a rotary tumbler. 

Post processing a MetalFil™ 3D printed object with a rotary tumbler will make your FDM 3D printed object indistinguishable from genuine bronze casted objects.

Patina post processing. 

You can create several patina effects on MetalFil™ – 3D printed objects in just one day time. With an ammonia and soda treatment (for bronze) and a soldering fluid (for copper) you can for instance easily create a beautiful ancient blue or green weathering effect on your respective MetalFil™ printed object.

Waxing and coating. 

After every above mentioned post-processing measure you can always wax or coat your printed object to get an incredible shine effect.  Waxing can be done with products such as beeswax and for coating one can think of products such as XTC-3D.


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