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Fischler Dental Acquires New L5000 D Dental 3D Printer from Prodways

Fischler Dental AG, a leading Swiss dental laboratory, renewed its trust in Prodways Technologies with the purchase of its second MOVINGLight ProMaker L5000 D dental 3D printer to increase its dental model production capacity while maintaining the precision and quality that have made its reputation.

According to the latest dental market reports*, the intra-oral dental 3D scanner market is predicted to reach a CAGR of 10.4% by value from 2016 to 2020. This market, estimated at US$ 189.1 million in 2015, is forecast to grow to US$ 310.4 million by 2020, thereby accelerating the demand for digital workflow in the dental field. With the increasing use of intra-oral scanners in Switzerland, Fischler Dental AG has seen an explosion in the demand for its dental models over the past years. As a result, Fischler Dental AG became one of the first dental laboratories in Switzerland to invest in industrial dental 3D printers to handle growing demand, increase production capacity and decrease per-unit-cost. Fischler Dental AG dental model
Over time, Fischler Dental AG has tested numerous dental 3D printers, including Prodways’ exclusive MOVINGLight technology, and developed true expertise in dental model production and high-quality processes. Consequently, upon reviewing all of the latest dental 3D printers, Fischler Dental AG chose to renew its trust in Prodways Technologies with the purchase of its second MOVINGLight 3D ProMaker L5000 D printer.

Mr. Titus Fischler, CEO of Fischler Dental AG, stated that: “Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time testing many dental 3D printers. Prodways’ MOVINGLight dental 3D printers are the only ones to insure industrial productivity and repeatability for professional dental laboratories. Thanks to their highly reliable technology, we can guarantee our customers consistently precise, high-quality restorations in very short time-frames.”

“Additionally, and contrary to other 3D printer manufacturers, with Prodways, we get the benefit of a very high level of customer support throughout our whole process.  Prodways engineers work very closely with our teams to provide the quickest and most reliable solutions for our dental model production. Thanks to this collaborative work to optimize our costs and process speed, we are winning market share daily”.

Fischler Dental AG has also benefited from Prodways Materials’ expertise in the development of printing resins for the dental industry. Following a needs analysis of Fischler Dental AG, which was looking for materials that are easy to work with, it proposed the dental 3D printing resin PLASTCure Model 320 which combines high accuracy and excellent resolution for 3D printed dental model applications and work.

This new announcement with Fischler Dental AG confirms the Prodways Group’s expertise in the dental segment. It marks a sizeable step forward in becoming the most significant player in the dental industry’s highly specialized 3D printing market.

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