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Fillamentum Launches New Nylon CF15 Composite Filament for 3D Printing

The new Nylon CF15 Carbon from Czech Republic based premium filament manufacturer Fillamentum is enriched with additional ingredients to improve physical properties of the filament. The new composition gives the material a new aesthetic quality.

“With addition of carbon particles into the fibre, we achieved an increased prints impact resistance, which will be appreciated by serious printers. We tested this property on prints and no destruction occurred even at 20 °C bellow zero, so the material does not become brittle when cold as other plastics.” Josef Doleček. Founder of Fillamentum.

Resistance to abrasion was increased and therefore the fibre Nylon CF15 is a great choice, for example, to print gears and other machine parts, which require a functionality, durability and strength. Nylons readily absorb moisture from the environment, which can cause print defects. Carbon Fibre CF15 has a much lower moisture absorption than regular nylon. Other no less interesting properties of the filaments are its thermal and chemical resistance.

This nylon enjoys interesting physical properties coupled with the aesthetically pleasing matte black finish of carbon. It is therefore also suitable for use in architecture and design. Like all materials that integrate carbon fiber particles, it is still abrasive to the nozzle. Therefore it should be used only with a nozzle suitable for this purpose, ideally in hardened steel or ceramics.

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