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Fast Robotic Bricklayer Hadrian X 3D Prints Houses Faster by “Brickjetting”

Is bricklaying a form of additive manufacturing? Not really, however if we introduce a digital and robotic element to it, it may just be considered a type of 3D printing. That’s what Australian company Fast Robotics refers to when defining its impressive Hadrian X robotic bricklaying technology. Looking at the video (below) that shows how the system works, we tend to agree.

The houses are built brick by brick and also layer by layer according to the digital instructions in what appears to be the house’s gcode. With a $2 million price tag, Hadrian X is the first globally patented 3D robotic bricklaying system. From the computer aided design of a house structure, the Hadrian X robotic, end-to-end bricklaying system handles the automatic loading, cutting, routing and placement of all bricks, course by course.

If we wanted to be picky we’d say that it’s more of a drop-on-drop “brickjetting” system than an extrusion based process. Either way it qualifies as 3D printing and it comes in handy. In these times of intense activity for 3D printing in the field of construction, from $ billion contracts to skyscrapers, it’s nice to know that there are some solutions that could be implemented in a relatively short term.

The Hadrian X brings new automation and benefits to a traditional construction and bricklaying process. It pushes the boundaries of conventional methods and brings new levels of speed, accuracy, safety and waste management to the process. It can also build an entire house in less than 2 days. Fastbrick Robotics aims to improve the speed, accuracy and safety of the global brick construction industry utilizing the worlds latest innovation in mobile robotic technology.

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