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EnvisionTEC Offers $3K Trade-in Program for Formlabs Printers Until March 10th

Through March 10th, EnvisionTEC is offering Formlabs users worldwide a chance to trade-in their Form 1 or Form 2 for $3,000 toward any EnvisionTEC model. Recently the company leader in the DLP photopolymerization segment had also filed suit against the Massachussetts based low cost SLA 3D printer manufacturer.

While there is little doubt that EnvisionTEC systems and materials represent the industry’s standard in terms of reliability  and print quality, it is not clear at this time whether EnvisionTEC is directly challenging Formlabs because it is losing market share to the former start-up.

EnvisionTEC explained that it is making the offer after speaking to a number of Formlabs users who have had bad experiences with Formlabs machines for being unreliable, delivering supbar results and generally not having good service experiences.

They do have a castable resin, but the detail is not there,” said Jon Nowaski, a CAD specialist who manages 3D printing and production at the Jewelry Design Center in Spokane, Wash. “I’m not going to grow a pave ring in the Formlabs. With EnvisionTEC, you have some wax in there,” he said. “Formlabs, they have straight plastic, which has a residue during the burnout process.”

It is not to the standard quality of the (EnvisionTEC) Vida,” Matt Shafer of Bay View Dental Laboratory in Chesapeake, Va., said of his Formlabs machine, calling it just “adequate” for jobs requiring less accuracy where time isn’t crucial. “I thought it would be faster than it was, than it is. I’m also not thrilled with the material options that we have with it.

At EnvisionTEC  like to say we’re 15 years better. Because it’s true – the company said in a statement – suffice it to say, we know what we’re doing when it comes to 3D printing.” Describing the advantages of owning an EnvisonTEC system the company mentions that:

  • Its printers are made with high-quality components that are manufactured in Germany, usually in metal and optical glass instead of plastic.
  • EnvisionTEC offers real support, on the phone and in person.
  • Its technology is backed by a company that has been inventing, developing and manufacturing 3D printers since 2002.

In order trade out a Formlabs printer for an EnvisionTEC 3D machine, as fast and easy as possible, those interested just need to fill out the form on this page and one of its sales representatives get in touch to match the best EnvisionTEC printer.





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