DWS’ first Open Factory Week is a success

The five-day event showcased three main application areas for stereolithography

Italian 3D printing company DWS recently wrapped up its Open Factory Week event at its headquarters in Thiene. The event, which took place over the course of five days, was packed with conferences and meetings and enabled the stereolithography 3D printer manufacturer to showcase the potential of its technology in various sectors, including industrial, dental and jewelry.

The Open Week Factory was an all-around success, with a level of participation that far exceeded initial expectations, especially considering it was the first edition of the event. Between July 16 and 20th, over one hundred participants came together at the Open Factory Week, all enthusiastically engaging with the various activities hosted by DWS.

The technical tables all received considerable interest from attendees, and a highly qualified team of speakers gave participants the opportunity to learn and discover new ideas about additive manufacturing in various areas.

DWS’ Open Factory Week primarily focused on three application areas—industrial, jewelry and dental—enabling visitors to discover in detail how the company’s 3D printing systems and software work in each segment, as well as which materials to use for each application and, above all, what specific applications seek to gain the most benefits from the company’s stereolithography technology.

The format of the event—focusing on the three verticals—proved to be successful as many visitors participated in several meetings related to the same field of application. Many also attended all the work tables, gaining valuable insight about each application area.

In light of the overwhelming positive feedback, DWS is already evaluating the possibility of hosting another event in the second half of next year. The second edition of the event would be based on the same format as the first, with further refinements. Maurizio Costabeber, CTO of DWS, commented on the desire to organize a second Open Factory Week, saying: “We received very positive feedback despite the event taking place close to the summer holidays. We are thinking of repeating the initiative again soon.”

The success of the DWS Open Factory Week demonstrates, more generally, how high the demand is for information related to applications for 3D printing technologies. Typically, this type of information is only disseminated through targeted case studies, which help industry players to understand how many possibilities are offered by additive technologies. Our hope is that this first edition of DWS’ event acts as the starting point for a very long journey with potentially interesting implications for the whole market.

Matteo Maggioni

Matteo brings extensive experience as a professional tech journalist to 3DPBM’s Italian editorial website, Replicatore. He has been involved since the very beginning, and has continued to cover the AM industry and its many evolutions. He keeps an eye on its potential to reach the consumer target. Matteo lives and works in Milan, Italy and received his degree from Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy.

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