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Diamond Plastics Improves its Laser PP 75 SLS Powder with Wollastonite

Diamond Plastics, a producer of HDPE and PP Selective Laser Sintering – SLS Powders, attests its upgrade of Laser PP  CP  75, giving a much higher tensile strength and modulus.

This is obtained by adding the filler Wollastonite, a silicate mineral. The needle like structure of the crystals creates a grid, increasing the stiffness and the flexural strength significantly. Laser PP CP 75 can be processed on all current SLS machines.

RTEmagicC_hopa_diapow_en.jpgDiamond Plastics is offering an exclusive cooperation with its customers or end user to develop new material/filler combinations to achieve special part properties. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic resin which is very well suited for the modification with fillers.

The powder can be modified, for example, to build parts that are conductive, flame retardant or have special optical effects.  As the founder of Diamond Plastics, Michael Putsch points out, “it is now possible to tailor the powder according to the requirements of the end part, in a similar fashion as injection molding.”

About Diamond Plastics
Diamond Plastics focuses on the technique of additive manufacturing. Especially the Laser-Sinter-Process of thermoplastic powders offers a vast potential for the production of a small batch articles. To stimulate and to increase the numbers of applications, the market needs new thermoplastic powders. The new materials must be geared to match the technical and the commercial requirements of the part. And this is our mission: the developement and sales of new thermoplastic powders for the  Laser Sintering-Process.

Diamond Plastics is open for requests coming from service bureaus or end user for the development of new powders. Please contact Michael Putsch directly. E: mputsch@diamond-plastics.de  T: +49 172 8998 226.

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