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Custom Chair 3D Printed in One Day by Hans Fouche

Not everyone is Hans Fouche, and not everyone has a Cheetah one cubic meter 3D printer in their garage. However more and more people do so, soon, many will be able to 3D print real size objects on demand. Of course it will still take a good amount of creativity to know what to use it for, for example a custom chair 3D printed in the shape of a Marmite bottle. That what Hans Fouche 3D Printing just did.

1937946_10208877200274179_801036878_nSouth African inventor and former Formula 1 engineer Hans Fouche certainly does not lack creativity. He has created objects as varied as a 3D printed lawnmower, a vacuum cleaner and a working, real size acoustic guitar. When he’s not imagining new applications, his customers are.

“I had an interesting print today,” Hans told me. “A  client call early in the morning… [asking] for a 500mm high chair in the shape of a Marmite bottle. [I hence] bought a Marmite Jar, measured it, ‘CADed’ it…. then a 6 hour print on the Cheetah [for] double perimeter, 6mm thick ABS [walls. The] client will have the chair in the morning…..not a model….the real chair!”

Hans’ Cheetah 3D printer, which is commercially available from Hans Fouche 3D Printing, uses ABS granules as the raw product for extrusion, therefore its costs per print are significantly lower. The final cost is less than $4/kg. As standard, Fouche can obtain  a 0.5 Kghr flow rate with a 3 mm nozzle. 1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 5 mm, and 6mm nozzles are also available. As dozens of large size 3D printer projects are underway all over the world (along with the BigRep in Germany there are projects i know of in Italy, Argentina, Spain, Poland, the USA and – I am pretty sure – all over Asia. We are going to see a lot more of these but Hans undoubtedly has a couple of years head start on many of them.

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