Continuous Composites and Arkema partner for continuous fiber 3D printing with new photopolymers

Continuous Composites and Arkema are partnering, through the chemical giant’s Sartomer business line, to combine Continuous Composites’ patented continuous fiber 3D (CF3D) printing technology with Arkema’s cutting edge photocurable resin solutions, thus providing many interesting new options for continuous fiber composite AM.

CF3D technology redefines traditional manufacturing introducing a solution that brings composites to new industries. The process is unique on the market today in that it combines composite materials with a snap-curing 3D printing process to create a moldless, out-of-autoclave manufacturing technology. The result is a scalable technology that significantly reduces the cost of manufacturing with composite materials.

Thus igniting the growth and adoption of manufacturing with composite materials, CF3D can help to decrease lead times, reduce manual labor, remove the need for expensive capital equipment, and enable complex geometries to be printed. With endless commercial applications, CF3D elevates composite manufacturing into the next dimension of innovation.

“As an industry leader in materials, our strategic partnership with Arkema opens the door for us to merge CF3D with their cutting-edge UV curable materials and apply Arkema’s long history in the composites field,” said Tyler Alvarado, CEO of Continuous Composites. “This partnership will expedite the development and deployment of CF3D across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.”

Leveraging the power of CF3D with Arkema’s advanced resins and art laboratory testing facilities, this strategic partnership will enable new high-performance and lightweight material solutions to be developed and certified. Through this joint effort, a library of advanced material solutions is expected to be established and commercialized.

“With Continuous Composites strong technical team and IP, this strategic partnership allows us to develop and position our materials with this revolutionary technology,” commented Sumeet Jain, Global Business Director for 3D Printing at Sartomer. “We are excited to leverage our materials expertise in developing CF3D, disrupting traditional composites manufacturing, and bringing these advanced composite materials to new industries.”

Davide Sher

Since 2002, Davide has built up extensive experience as a technology journalist, market analyst and consultant for the additive manufacturing industry. Born in Milan, Italy, he spent 12 years in the United States, where he completed his studies at SUNY USB. As a journalist covering the tech and videogame industry for over 10 years, he began covering the AM industry in 2013, first as an international journalist and subsequently as a market analyst for leading US-firm SmarTech Analysis, focusing on the additive manufacturing industry and relative vertical markets. In 2016 he Co-founded London-based 3dpbm. Today the company publishes the leading news and insights websites 3D Printing Media Network and Replicatore, as well as 3D Printing Business Directory, the largest global directory of companies in the additive manufacturing industry.

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