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colorFabb Releases New steelFill Filament

Announced at the AM Show in Amsterdam end of June this new steelFill specialty material is available as from today. With steelFill colorFabb is adding a fourth metal based filament to its portfolio, after successfully announcing bronzeFill in 2014, copperFill later that year and brassFill in early 2015. As with these other filaments, the key is post-processing and you can use similar techniques as with our other special metal based filaments.

Print Settings

steelFill_soon_available-4Probably the biggest difference compared to 3D printing colorFabb’s other metal infused filaments would be changing your regular brass nozzle for a steel or hardened steel nozzle. The steel powder used for steelFill can affect the brass nozzle after printing enough of this material, for better reliability on the long run a steel nozzle is recommended. Other settings such as, printing temperature, heated buildplatform, layerheight, cooling and retraction will be covered in our tutorial.

Post Processing

After printing steelFill will have nice matte drak gray finish. With similar polishing techniques used on bronzeFill, copperFill and brassFill it’s possible to smooth out the outer surface and expose the metal particles. Now the surface start’s to resemble a dark glossy steel look. SteelFill won’t rust, since the powder is stainless steel. By the way, have you checked out the new tutorial site? Easier navigation and more content added every day! learn.colorfabb.com

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