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colorFabb Introduces nGen_LUX Filament for Perfect Surface Quality

With nGen_LUX colorFabb has put years of experience in development, 3D printing, R&D and production into a single 3D printing filament that will bridge the gap to production with unmatched surface quality. As the name indicates, nGen_LUX is based on nGen – the highly successful co-polyester based filament the Dutch company launched nearly 2 years ago. nGen is currently colorFabb’s best-selling filament, made with Eastman Amphora AM3300 material.

Years of development, unique light diffusion additives and compounding know-how have lead to nGen_LUX. The “Lux” not only stands for luxurious – which is definitely the look of the prints – but also refers to the unit of illumination used worldwide. And the light is what makes this filament special.

colorFabb’s unique special metal filled filaments (bronzeFill, copperFill, steelFill and brassFill) already allow for prints that have a distinctive non-printed look, but for these require post-processing. With nGen_LUX prints look like production parts right off the printer.

nGen_LUX is the first special filament based on nGen and the second one in colorFabb’s range of co-polyesters after XT-CF20, the carbon fibre enforced filament based on colorFabb_XT. colorFabb’s R&D team have been testing the filament in the print lab on some of the most popular printers in the market right now: the Prusa i3, both the Stacker S2 and S4, the Lulzbot TAZ 6 and Mini, the Robo R2 and C2, the Ultimaker range of printers and the Mass Portal Pharaoh.

You will have the chance to see nGen_LUX next week. nGen_LUX will be featured in public for the first time at the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK, and at the Kunststoffenbeurs in Veldhoven, NL with Helian Polymers, colorFabb‘s sister company specialized in the masterbatches and additives.

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