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CNN Just Published a Report on House 3D Printing (and Cities Too)

It’s always nice when the generalist media cover 3D printing, in any of its forms, in a positive way. After they stopped blabbering about how 3D printing is dead, generalist media are once again finding an interest for 3D printing and 3D printing companies. It just happened with CNN and house 3D printing – or maybe we should say “city 3D printing” since when the generalist media talks about stuff they do it “extra large”.

DubaiOf course the downside of it is that, of course, there are no real news. Most articles on generalist media inevitably reiterate facts and opinions that specialized media discussed a couple of years back. At the same time they have the budget and time to investigate some elements more deeply than we can so we can get a great roundup of some of the companies that are active in this space and find out where they stand now, a couple of years after we talked about them.

Is House 3D Printing “Fake News”?

Unfortunately House 3D printing currently has very limited applications, it is very inefficient and cannot compete with current technologies. Presenting it, or the young startup Cazza, as the future of construction is a bit of a longshot, almost as much as illuding people that 3D bioprinted organs are at hand. At the same time AM is undeniably the future of all manufacturing, including construction. They only issue is how far is that future really? That said, thank you CNN for contributing to bring back some positive attention to this amazing way of making things.

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