Adafruit Gemma and NeoPixel Vex Eye by Pinshape was remixed from an original design by Adrian Tanner and adapted for Arduino Electronics. Learn how to make your own and get a primer on electronics and programming here. The second design, Boomy The BoomBox by Adafruit, both looks great and is fully functional. If you’re looking for a more advanced project after the Vex Eye, check out Adafruit’s tutorial to make your own.

The Gothic Lantern by Sonia Verdu can be printed entirely without support structures! Light it up with an LED or use NeoPixels and a Gemma board for customizable lighting.  Alternatively, Desktop Makes’ newest tutorial teaches you how to design your own flower pot in Fusion360. After printing, he used a stone texture spray paint to create this sweet finish!

This fully functional Water Motor by JOHLINK was designed entirely in Fusion360 by Johan Link and makes for a great assembly project. Attach a pipe and rig up a motor for your own miniature hydroelectric generator! The ‘Key’per Key Organizer makes for a more efficient key organizer than typical steel loops. An O-ring closes off the end and secures your keys allowing you to easily add or subtract new keys.

For those that are more into design than printing, enter the Mechanical Design Contest where you can win a Formlabs Form 2 as the top prize!