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New CELLINK X Bioink Series Will Let You Bioprint Liver, Intestines and Lungs ECM

CELLINK launched a brand new bioink series, the CELLINK X Series that includes ECM based Bioinks and biomaterials. The new CELLINK X Bioink series enables scientists to combine the properties of the ECM based biomaterial with culturing cells in a 3D environment.

This revolutionary approach will advance the 3D Bioprinting technology. First, by creating a platform for scientists to study cells in a 3D structure, and also by enabling a culture that is more similar to the in vivo setting.

The Swedish bioprinting startup has initiated collaborations worldwide with several companies to accelerate the development of CELLINK´s new product line: the CELLINK X Bioinks. This product line will include Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) based Bioinks such as CELLINK HEP X (Liver ECM Bioink), CELLINK EPI X (Intestinal ECM Bioink), CELLINK ALV X (Lung ECM Bioink) and more.

Progressing Bioprinting with CELLINK X

cellink x

During the coming year, CELLINK will announce the new Bioinks, kits, and collaborators included in the X series program. In tissue engineering, the need for assembly of three-dimensional (3D) tissues is important. Thus 3D Bioprinting has emerged as a powerful technology to recapitulate the microenvironment of native tissue. It allows for the precise printing of multiple cells into a pre-defined position. To date, progress in 3D bioprinting of cell tissue has been hampered by the lack of a biologically relevant bioinks.

In this respect, development of Bioinks with properties similar to the extracellular matrix (ECM) represents an ideal strategy. In fact, CELLINK’s goal is the development of bioinks that retain the structure and biochemical features of the native tissue-specific ECM. This is particularly clear and highlights the importance of CELLINK X Series.

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